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About Us

First and foremost, all of us are animal lovers at BeastieBags. After years of carrying handbags featuring flowers and other designs, we said, "Enough!" We set out to design handbags that are light-weight, have lots of pockets, are easily cleaned, and will show off our animals.

Several of us have cats, rabbits and horses, but we confess that we are primarily dog oriented. Adding our pet ownership years together, we have shared our lives with pets for over 250 years. (I wonder if you should multiply by 7 if you use dog-years.) We have had mutts, but mostly purebreds - including rescues. We have shown them in breed classes (several are/were champions) and obedience (we went to lots of classes and did get one CD degree) at AKC shows. Collectively as a family, we have had or do have (in alphabetical order): Bearded Collies, Bichon Frises, Boston Terriers, ChowChows, Cocker Spaniels, Cats (American Shorthaired, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Manx, Siamese), English Toy Spaniels, fish (tropical and gold), French Bulldogs, horses (four over several years of showing, hunting, and just goofing around) Great Pyrenees, Irish Setters, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Pugs, Rabbits (English Angora and Holland Lop), Silky Terriers, and Skye Terriers. And one of us has always wanted a duck.

Founded in 2004, BeastieBags, LLC is a woman-owned and woman-run business in McLean, Virginia. Our bags are all made in the United States -- Kansas to be precise.

At the end of each fiscal year, BeastieBags donates a percentage of its profits to a service dog organization in the United States. Each March, we announce the group to which we are making a donation on our website under The Company. As of 2012, we are listing the recipients only on our Facebook page. (That is because the webhost for this website changed how to to add the information and I can no longer access it -- bummer.)